If you wish to be informed about all the news, there are several ways to do so: 

 Blog - Visit and subscribe to the blog at www.psicorp.us - This is the main source for news, and most frequently updated.

 Second Life Group - Join the "PsiCorp Customers" group on Second Life, enrollment is open and free. This will get you news about upcoming releases and major updates 

 Official Twitter - For the occasional update or support over twitter, follow the Official PsiCorp group: twitter.com/OfficialPsiCorp - this has official information on updates, blogs, events, etc.

 Psistorm's Personal TwitterFor a less formal stream of information, follow Psistorm on Twitter: twitter.com/psiwuff - this has less Psicorp news, rather more personal and general stuff.

Official Discord - An open AMA environment where customers can discuss products, request mods, and read announcements on the "PsiCorp Official" Discord server.