Equine Penis

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General Information


The Equine Penis was the first PsiCorp product, and was modeled after real-world photographs of the equine phallus. It recently has gotten an overhaul to look even better, and has various limp states, and an accurate sheath. The erect state also comes with a flared head as well, and sets of textures which were painted and rendered to look like the real thing.

List of Features

  • Eight different poses, several limp states to simulate a gradual hardening of this impressive shaft
  • Two hand-painted texture sets, one greyscale for custom color tints
  • Highly detailed and realistic textures
  • An easy to use, unified HUD, which can control all equipped PsiCorp bits, no matter the species
  • Further improved prim-motion system over v4.0 bits. Many bugfixes and improvements
  • All bits may be linked together easily, with no restraints, even to prim body pieces

List of Items

After your purchase, the following items should have been inside the box you got from the vendor:

  • The Bits itself, either the penis or the herm set, depending on purchase
  • A web manual, linking to this wiki and other important links
  • The PsiCorp Bits HUD
  • A texture applier
  • A landmark to the PsiCorp main store
  • If you purchased the herm version, you will also find the PsiCorp vagina and tailhole, as well as a pre-linked herm set in the box

Should you find any of these items to be missing after opening the box, please message me, Psistorm Ikura, inworld.

How to keep your products up to date

  • Using 5.0 and onward: Wear the PsiCorp bits HUD and in settings, find the button labeled "update" to access your redelivery page. Alternately, find any PsiCorp vendor with redelivery button.
  • Using 4.0 / 4.1: Find any PsiCorp vendor and press the redelivery button to access the redelivery page
  • Using 3.0: Same as 4.0 / 4.1
  • Using 2.1 and older: Please contact Psistorm Ikura inworld for a manual update. This usually entails a brief meeting to verify ownership before you are given a temporary refund to re-purchase the products.


This section covers all about using the various controls available for this penis, and explains the use of the HUD, as well as the various text commands which are available for those who prefer

Text Commands

If you rather prefer a direct input over HUD controls, the following section lists all available commands for general use, as well as available recoloring and texturing options. For modding related commands, please see the appropriate section on the main page of this wiki, holding all tutorials and modding instructions.

General Commands

Effects & Help

  • /5cum, /5pre, /5pee 
    Triggers the respective particle effects. They can be used in any state, and are toggle on/off, so just type in the same effect again if you want them to cease. Cum and Pee effects will decay when stopped
  • /5backcum, /5backpee 
    Triggers an internal cum/pee effect, so it looks as if one came/urinated inside the partner and it leaked back out. This effect is caused by the male bits, it wont affect the partner
  • /5help 
    Displays a brief help text, listing the most basic text commands for the male bits
  • /5condom, /5cumcover, /5lovejuice 
    These commands toggle the respective texture overlays on and off. Condom + Cumcover may be combined as well, the others work seperately.

Texturing & Colors

  • /5texture <part name> <texture set> 
    Lets you choose a texture set for the different parts, please see the texturing help section for usage
  • /5color <part name> <color> 
    Lets you set the color tint for the specified part name. Info about use can be found in the section below


  • /5tilt <number> 
    Lets you tilt the penis up or down to adjust it for different sexual positions. The numbers are in degrees, positive tilts up, negative down.
  • /5tilt 
    This command resets the tilt to the default angle.
  • /5settilt 
    Saves the current tilt angle as default one. Whenever you type "/5tilt", it will reset to this saved angle.

Model Specific Commands

Available States

  • /5 soft - will display the soft/flaccid state
  • /5 poke - shows the top third of the penis hanging out of the sheath
  • /5 hang - this is the penis fully out of the sheath, but drooping down
  • /5 limp - intermediate state, hanging down, but growing harder
  • /5 droop - 2/3rd erect, still a slight curve downward
  • /5 hard - will show the fully erect state
  • /5 flare - will flare the head, can be undone by choosing any other state
  • /5 short - if you have problems with your penis clipping through your partner, use this command. it will hide the front half of the penis (anything past the medial ring).

Available Textures

  • "realistic" first realistic variant, hand-painted after actual photo reference. it will be the default texture this penis ships with
  • "dark" different variant, black with a flesh-colored spot at the top of the shaft. again, hand-painted after photo references
  • "greyscale" tintable variant of the first realistic variant. useful if you like realistic textures but want a different color than the one supplied

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