The PsiCorp Dracolupe Avatar is a wolf / dragon hybrid of our own design. Striving to create a unique blend of two species, we built it around the latest technologies to ensure a detailed and user-friendly result.

It uses 100% fitted mesh, meaning you may freely edit your body shape, and furthermore makes use of the materials system for a dynamic shine and illumination. As such, please ensure your viewer supports these features, and that they are enabled in your settings.

Built close to the default male & female shapes, the avatar comes with a versatile alpha system for the body, allowing you to easily hide areas that clip through your outfits, which in turn allows you to wear almost any set of mesh based clothing. For further convenience, a script is included to allow you to automate showing and hiding of clipping parts, making the wearing and removing of clothing a simple and natural experience.

Also included is an extensive suite of facial expression controls, allowing for a wide range of emotions, covering anything from eyes and lips to tongue and ears, including the ability to save and load custom expression presets.

Included items

  • Three body meshes for male, female & mature female, with female meshes having the option for a flat chest
  • Male & female head meshes with distinct features
  • Two sets of wings, one set to the shoulder attach spots, one combined to the back attach spot
  • Breast physics & a set of voice chat gestures for the talk jaw
  • An easy to use HUD
  • A set of ears and tail with various poses
  • A set of new and improved eyes with multiple texture options, iris dilation, two-tone recolors and more
  • An easy to set-up clothing alpha script to make it easy to wear various outfits with this avatar
  • Male & female sets of pose-able hands with various premade poses
  • A menu-based texture applier which supports being transferred for sale or gifts

Making custom textures

If you wish to make custom textures for this avatar, the appropriate developer files are provided. Furthermore, an easy to use texture applier is included in the extras folder.

You have permission to use these files to create new texture variations for sale, provided they are created specifically for use with this avatar.

You have permission to use these files to create private modifications for this avatar.

You do NOT have permission to use these files to duplicate official variants of this avatar that are currently or have been previously on sale.

You do NOT have permission to use these files to create content unrelated to this avatar.

You do NOT have permission to directly sell the content of these files and / or claim them as your work.

All diffuse maps are provided in this .zip file as PSD files:

Text based controls


/42 tongue normal

/42 tongue poke

/42 tongue drool

/42 tongue lewd

/42 tongue side

/42 tongue hang

/42 jaw closed

/42 jaw 5

/42 jaw 10

/42 jaw 15

/42 jaw 20

/42 jaw 25

/42 jaw 30

Expressions may be any of: "neutral", "happy", "angry", "sad", "smug"

/42 eyes <expression>

/42 jaw <expression>

/42 face <expression> - controls eye and jaw expression at the same time

/42 jaw typing - toggles the talkjaw on/off


Hand syntax is based on this formula:

/42 hands <side> <preset or mask>

Side may be either "left", "right" or "both".

Preset may be any of:

  • normal
  • okay
  • fist
  • point
  • rude
  • rock
  • paper
  • scissors
Example: /42 hands both fist

Alternately, you may provide a mask consisting of 5 numbers, signifying the position of each finger, the first digit controlling the thumb, the last controlling the little finger.

Each digit may either be a 0 for a straight finger, 1 for relaxed, or 2 for curled. As an example, this command would produce the "point" gesture:

/42 hands right 21222


References to side may be either "left", "right", or "both"

/42 eyes <0 - 3> - Controls the eyelids. 0 is open, 3 is fully closed

/42 eyes <side> dilation <0 - 1 in decimal, so 0.25 or so>

/42 eyes <side> fullbright

/42 eyes <side> glow

/42 eyes <side> <color> - color presets, for example blue, red, gold, pearl, green, etc

/42 eyes <side> color <inner/outer> R G B - here, RGB stands for a number within the 0-255 RGB range


/42 ears <perk, side, folded, normal>

/42 ears typing - toggle typing anim

/42 ears random - toggle random anim

/42 ears touch - toggle touch anim


/42 tail <normal, raised, curled>


/42 wings <open, closed>

/42 wings flying - toggle flight detect for wings on/off


/42 body show - make entire body visible, unhide all hidden faces

/42 breasts - toggle between breasts and flat chest on female body meshes

/42 bodylight - toggle crystal fullbright on/off

/42 bodyglow <0.0 - 1.0> - set glow strength of crystals, standard value is 0.2