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This manual covers the newly updated HUD for the 5.0 series animesh bits. It will go over all of the controls in detail along with illustrations for every included menu page. A lot of features have been added with version 5.0, so almost all of the HUD was redesigned to accomodate for them, as well as to make it much easier to use.

Penis Controls

Main Page

The main page holds all the most common controls for the penis, the things you are most likely to use during day to day use.

  1. Particle controls & "all done"
    These buttons trigger the various particle effects, in order: cum, internal cum, pee, internal pee, and precum.
    One effect may play at at time, and will continue to play until you either click the same button again, play another effect, or hit the red stop button.
    The green checkmark is the "all done" button, and will stop all particle effects, set the penis to the soft state, reset all tilts and angles, hide condom or mess overlays as well as stop any animations like bounces, stroking, etc.
  2. Shaft state
    This slider allows you to select the erection state of the penis, from soft at the bottom all the way to pointing upward at the top of the slider. The small blue indicator and line near the top mark the "hard" state, where the penis will be sticking straight out.
  3. Shaft angle
    This slider allows to adjust the up/down angle of the shaft itself, while leaving the sheath in place, which is useful for quick adjustments.
  4. Hide button
    This button will immediately render the penis invisible, clicking it again will return it to the last selected state.
  5. Tilt controls
    These controls will tilt the entire penis up/down or left/right, the inner buttons adjust in 5 degree steps, the outer buttons in 10 degree steps. The center button resets both axis back to 0.
  6. Flop
    These 4 buttons switch the shaft to "limp" states, like hanging down, laying on the stomach, or laying left/right when sitting or laying back.
  7. Knot size
    This slider controls the size of the knot, on other penises it may change the size of other features such as an equine flare, or more sliders may be present.
  8. Throb
    This slider changes the presence and type of the throbbing animation.
  9. Mess controls & condom
    The slider sets the intensity of the mess on the penis, from clean to heavily messy with strands of cum dangling from it. The 3D button toggles the visibility of the cum strand meshes, and defaults to on.
    The balls button toggles a messy sheath and balls, while the condom button turns the condom on and off. Note that enabling the condom will hide any mess on the shaft.
  10. Particle intensity
    This slider governs the size and intensity of all particle effects, allowing you to have larger or smaller loads etc.
  11. Balls angle
    This slider changes the angle of the balls independently of the rest of the penis.
  12. Short slider
    This slider hides portions of the shaft to allow you to avoid clipping through your partner during sex animations with a lot of motion.

Style page

The style page allows you to make changes to the shape of your penis, changing the shape and length of the shaft or balls, along with a few other options.

  1. Shaft length & girth
    These sliders change the length & girth of the shaft - note that the knot size is independent from girth!
  2. Balls size & height
    These sliders let you change the size and height of your testicles.
  3. Balls shape
    Here you may choose the overall shape of the balls, or whether to have any at all.
  4. Fluff style
    These buttons let you pick the type of fluff you would like to have on your sheath
  5. Sheath length
    Here you can pick whether to have a longer, canine like style, or a shorter, frorward facing sheath.

Animation page

This page governs any other animations, such as bounces, stroking, as well as the sounding rod options.

  1. Stroking animations
    These animations will pose you while stroking your cock. Two styles are available, with the free hand either on your hip or, if you have breasts, reaching up and caressing one of them. The stop button will stop any stroking or sounding rod animations.
  2. Bounce animations
    These toggles allow you to make your balls and/or shaft bounce in two different speeds, best used during sex animations. The stop button will stop any currently playing bounce animations.
  3. Sounding rod controls
    The slider controls the depth of the sounding rod. By default, the rod will simply insert itself and remain in place. If you enable the "Thrusting" option, it will instead thrust in and out, and if you enable the "Pose" animation, you will be animated to hold the rod and move it, much like the stroking animations. To stop the animations, either set the depth back to 0 or hit the stop button besides the stroking animation buttons.

Effects Menu

The effects menu handles the various sounds for the particle effects along with optional thrusting sounds for use with sexual animations.

  1. Thrust sound speed settings
    These buttons allow you to pick a slow, medium or fast speed for the thrust sounds, or of course, to stop them. The cog-and-pen button chooses the speed you last set as custom speed.
  2. Custom speed recording
    Press this button to record a custom thrust speed if you want it to line up with any adult animations you might be using.
    NOTE: Avoid clicking in the same spot, SL tends to discard touches otherwise! You will see a progress bar fill up with each successful click, then a checkmark once the process is complete.
  3. Thrust sound type
    Here you may pick one of five different thrust styles, from soft to hard, or oral sex noises as well. The "Quiet" sound set is unique, in that it plays no sound other than wet sounds from the "slick" function.
  4. Slick toggle
    Enabling this button will add wet sounds to each thrust.
  5. Fluid sound style
    The fluid sounds for the penis come in two flavors. Normal and hyper. Normal, as is in the name, has normal sized sounding effects, while hyper features deeper and more intense, "large" sounding effects.
  6. Flow/splash toggles
    This set of buttons allows you to enable or disable the various sounds for each individual fluid effect. Don't like one or more of them? Simply turn them off! You can control the sounds for the flowing noise as well as the splash/splatter sounds individually as well.

Customize menu

The customize menu allows you to make changes to the texture, color and other features of your penis, as well as tweak the appearance and visibility of your piercings.

Main page

This is what you first see when you open the customize menu, it shows you a list of what types of bits are recognized and managed by the HUD, as well as a checkmark next to which of them you will be customizing. If you want to customize a different bit, simply click it in the list if there is more than one entry.
Clicking the "Textures" or "Piercings" menu will open the appropriate menu.

Texture page

This page is for managing the texture and color of the various parts of your penis/etc. Note that if you selected the "Piercings" option it will also appear, and instead present you options for changing the texture and color of the various components of the piercings you have selected for editing.

The top half of the menu shows a list of the various parts you may texture/color. Clicking any will create a blue border around it, marking it as active. It will also pop out a menu to the side, showing the various available textures for the part. Simply click any one of them and you will see the changes take place immediately.

In the lower half, you may change the color of the currently selected part via the color picker. The large white circle to the right will change color to show what color you are currently applying. The button below it will allow you to input your own custom color via text, in RGB format. An example for pure red would be 255 0 0.

The row of buttons below can be used to store colors for later use. Clicking the save icon beside each slot will save the current color to it, and clicking the circle will apply it to the current active part.

A note on piercings

When you are in "Piercings" mode, the texture selector in the top half will instead show three options - "rods", "studs" and "band". These are the three regions the piercings may have, though "Band" is exclusive to the leather band style options of the cockring. Rods and studs are used by all piercings though, with rods standing for the connecting pieces and studs referring to any balls and studs etc that sit on the end of them.

When selecting textures, they will apply to the currently selected piercings, rather than all of them.

NOTE: When changing colors however, right now the color tint will apply to ALL rods or studs etc, due to some limitations from the new materials system. This may change in the future however!

Gloss & Glow page

This menu allows you to change the glossiness and glow of the currently selected part. Want a shinier or more matte shaft? Or want a tattoo that glows? You can simply change it with these sliders here.
Also note that both sliders have a red zone on their left side, clicking into it will do the following for each slider:

On the gloss slider, it will reset the glossiness to what is defined in the material itself.

On the glow slider, it will simply set glow to 0.

This page will also be present in the piercing menu, and will have the same functionality.

Piercing page

Here you can manage the piercings on your penis, select them for editing or to hide/show them etc.

  1. Piercing selection
    Here you can select which piercings you wish to edit. Selected piercings are marked as a bright blue button, unselected by dark blue. Also, any visible piercings are marked by solid buttons, any hidden ones will be shown as hollow. Also note that the long, hidden piercing at the top is for the sounding rod, so you may render it visible and customize it without having to first use its animations. Lastly, the checkmark on the bottom allows you to select all "ladder" piercings on the bottom of the penis.
  2. Visibility toggles
    These buttons simply show or hide any selected piercings.
  3. Piercing style
    This lets you pick the style of the selected piercings. Please note that different types of piercings may offer different style options, the piercing selector will thus only allow you to select multiple piercings with the same style options.
  4. Glow controls
    If you wish to have piercings that glow and light up, these options will allow this. You may choose which part of the piercings to edit, change the strength with the plus and minus buttons, or reset to off via the reset button below.
  5. Leash holder controls
    As special gimmick, if you have at least one cockring visible, you may enable a small leash holder attachment on them, which will allow you to leash OpenCollar compatible collars to your penis.

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