Animesh Canine Penis

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Important info & Contents

NOTE: This product is our first penis to be upgraded to the newly released PBR (Physical Based Rendering) materials. As such, you MUST use an up-to-date viewer, be it the official client, Firestorm, Alchemy, or any other viewers that support this feature. Otherwise you will not be able to correctly view this product, and most features will not appear to work.

NOTE: This product uses animesh, and as such a few restrictions apply. Animesh items can not be resized for the time being, and on a regular account, only a single animesh item may be worn. Premium accounts may wear one extra item.

NOTE: Please be aware that version 5 of the included HUD must be used with v5 penises, and will not properly support v4 penises. Vice versa, the v4 hud will NOT work with v5 penises.

Box contents

  • Eleven sizes of the penis, in both pierced and non-pierced variant
  • A manual notecard linking to this page
  • An animesh  fertility HUD
  • A custom texture applier
  • A main store landmark

It's not mine compatibility

These bits are out-of-box compatible with the "It's not mine" body cum system. To make use of that functionality, simply click the "cum" or "cum inside" buttons on the HUD, and if your partner has a cum system installed, you will be presented with the menu for it.

Text commands

As with all of our products, you may choose to control these bits directly through text input, should you not want to use the HUD, or should you want to control them via gestures or scripted objects. Below are listed all available commands for these new bits.

State changes

  • /5 [soft, tip, poke, half, droop, hard, raised, raisedhigh] - will set the shaft to any of these erection states, it will transition smoothly from one to the next
  • /5 [limp, onbelly, left, right] - will set the
  • /5 softer / harder - will make the shaft one step harder or softer 
  • /5hide - will hide the bits from view and stop all effects. to show the penis again, enter any state command

Shaft animation effects

  • /5 throb [off, 1, 2] - will play a periodic throbbing animation. Only available in states where the shaft is fully exposed, so limp and above.
  • /5 ballsway / ballswayfast - will play a ball sway animation, either slow or fast, useful when topping someone.
  • /5 bounce / bouncefast - will play a bouncing animation for the whole penis, useful when bottoming.
  • /5 strokehip / strokebreast / strokestop - will play a selfplay animation, either hand on hip or hand on breast. Strokestop or walking will cancel the animation.

Shaft visual effects

  • /5 knot [0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5] - this allows you to choose the knot size. This is available in all states with a fully exposed shaft, so limp and above.
  • /5 mess [off, low, medium, high] - this displays various states of mess on the shaft, from light cum drips all the way to streaky, dangling cum strands.
  • /5 3dcum - this will toggle the 3D cum effects on or off if you prefer texture-only mess.
  • /5 condom - toggles the condom layer on/off.
  • /5 short [0, 1, 2] - hides increasing amounts of the front of the shaft to help prevent clipping during animations. 0 means the shaft is fully visible

Particle effects

Particle effects are toggle on/off. To stop one, simply use the same command again or use the "effects off" command.

  • /5 cum - plays a forward aimed cum effect.
  • /5 backcum - plays a backward splash "cum inside" effect.
  • /5 pee - plays a forward aimed pee effect.
  • /5 backpee - plays a backward splash "pee inside" effect.
  • /5 pre - plays a slow precum drip effect.
  • /5 effects off - immediately halts all effects without fading them out.

Color, shine and glow

  • /5 color [shaft, sheath, fluff, condom, cum, tatto, tattooballs] R G B - tints the chosen part in the chosen RGB color. Example: /5color shaft 255 0 0
  • /5 [shaft, sheath, fluff, condom, cum, tatto, tattooballs <R,G,B> shiny environ - allows you to modify the shininess of the shaft or sheath parts.
    Example: /5shiny shaft <255,255,255> 64 0
  • /5 glow [shaft, sheath, fluff, condom, cum, tatto, tattooballs  0.0 - 1.0 - changes the glow value of shaft or sheath. Example: /5glow shaft 0.1

Developer resources

Should you want to create your own textures, you can use the included developer files below. These include all the required shading that was used to make the included textures as well. Please take note of the following rules:

  • You may NOT resell these textures on their own without alteration.
  • You may NOT sell these textures on their own, only included in our texture applier.
  • You may NOT use these textures to duplicate existing PsiCorp products.
  • You may NOT use these textures in ways unrelated to this product.
  • You may use these textures to create personal mods.
  • You may use these textures to create commercial mods and sell them within Second Life freely, provided you use our included texture applier.

We highly encourage people to make mods of our products, both private and commercial, and will be happy to support you in your endeavours!

The PSD files may be downloaded via this link.

For a rig devkit - for cock cages and other such accessories - please visit our discord and join the verified creator program there, since while we do make these available, we do limit them to verified SL creators!

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