Goals and Work Ethics

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The products made by PsiCorp are generally built with quality in mind. The main goals for me have formed during the long time working with bits, and by looking at what people use, and also what I like to use myself, and can be summed up into these points:

  • Low lag: A penis should never cause significant lag, thus the scripts are built to have as small a footprint as possible. I also try and keep the number of scripts as low as possible to further help this thought
  • Ease of use: When using adult bits, one should have his or her options readily available, rather than having to remember complex commands or having to deal with a cumbersome HUD. Thus I kept my commands simple and easy, and designed the HUD so it both takes up only little screen space, and has every function readily and quickly available
  • Low price: Back when I started making bits, I looked at a sensible price, inspired by what was on the market. The plan is to stick with the low pricing I have, exceptions only apply for special models which come with a greater variety or special features compared to other bits
  • A lifelike, realistic look: I see many bits out there which are more fantasy styled or toony, or just plain bad. Whilst a strong style is great, I saw most well executed models to be toonier, and I wanted to provide something different, sticking close to nature's actual looks, and designing feasible bits whenever fantasy creatures are concerned.

To make the products, I use an ever improving toolset, constantly learning new techniques and methods to refine the looks, with programs such as Photoshop, 3d Studio Max and zBrush being the core of my toolset. I'm always trying to improve detail work and scripting, and am open to ideas and feedback.

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