[v6.0] List of Available Modding Commands

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This section has a simple and straightforward overview of all the mod-related text commands for the PsiCorp v4 bits series. For more detailed explanations regarding the use of these commands, please see the appropriate tutorials. This list is solely for people who know what they are doing, and just want a quick overview of what they can do, along with a brief explanation of what each command will do.

Penis Modding

Modding the v4 penis has become simpler. Mod scripts have been removed, and adding and removing prims works exclusively via text input and naming now. Every prim for the penis is named after the same scheme, an identifier (usually "!penis") followed by the prim´s name, seperated by a comma. So a typical prim name would be "!penis, shaft" - without the quotation marks. When using any of the below commands, you do NOT need to enter the identifier, only the name. So for <prim name> just substitute "shaft" rather than "!penis, shaft". The latter will not work.

Basic Commands

/5 save mods Use this to save any position/rotation/size adjustments you have made to part of your bits. Useful when resizing single parts or individual states, etc
/5 addprim <prim name> Adds the specified prim to be managed by the penis. Note: you do NOT need to include the "!penis" identifier
/5 removeprim <prim name> Opposite of above, will remove the selected prim from the penis' data scripts
/5 enablepose <prim name> <pose name(s)> Enables the selected poses for the specified prim. Can support one or multiple poses, seperated by a whitespace
/5 disablepose <prim name> <pose name(s)> Again, Opposite of above, disables the selected poses for the specified prim, causing it to not display in them anymore

Advanced Commands

/5 addtag <prim name> <tag name>  Sets a tag for the specified prim.
This prim will then only display for commands in the form of /5state.tagname - for example /5hard.piercing
/5 deletetag <prim name>  Clears the tag for the specified prim
/5 addpose <pose name> Defines a new pose, for which you then may enable and save prims
/5 deletepose <pose name> Removes the specified pose from the bits, clearing all data saved for it as well
/5 addquickpose <pose name> Allows you to add a "hotkey" to the HUD. It can call any text input on channel 5, and is useful if you use tags a lot and dont want to type them out
/5 deletequickpose <pose name> Removes the selected hotkey definition from the penis again
/5 clearpos & /5cleartex & /5clearsculpt If you added a new prim/texture/sculpt memory script, this command will clear the pre-compiled data inside it to allow for more room
/5 customprim <notecard name> Allows you to load prim data from a notecard into the bits - v4.0 ONLY
/5 customtex <notecard name> Same as above, only for custom texture or sculpt data - v4.0 ONLY
/5 retag This will redefine the penis' identifier to whichever is specified in the root prim´s description field. Needed for making a multi-cock

Vagina & Tailhole modding

Other than the penis, the vagina and tailhole have a few different options about them. They work of a simple transparency switcher rather than a prim motion system, but are likewise quite easy to handle. They work purely off a naming system, thus modding parts is as simple as naming them correctly and linking them up.

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