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General Info

The Wildgasmasks.com JG1 is a gasmask target primarily at human avatars. It is the exact representation of the real-life JG1 mask, and was created with express permission from Stego himself, the creator of those masks. A real-life JG1 was used for reference, which was so graciously sponsored by Stego, and has served as most excellent reference in terms of getting the shapes down perfectly as well as the material. Since the masks are targeted at the human market, PsiCorp offers no guarantee that these masks will fit any furry avatar. If you decide to buy one to try and fit your furry av, please understand that due to the permissions this product is sold under, any refunds aren't possible, and please understand that any requests to do so will be refused with the prior explanation given.

To check out the real world masks that this product is based off, please check here:http://www.wildgasmasks.com

Features & Contents

The JG1 is sold in four different flavors, as well as a complete pack containing all four variations:

  • The plain, black mask
  • Black with EL wire inlaid into the mask in and Egyptian style
  • Black with gold paint, also in Egyptian style
  • White with black paint, same pattern as above

Every mask comes pre-packaged in four different variations as well:

  • Mask only
  • Mask only, full hood instead of straps
  • Mask with dual hoses and filter can at the back
  • Mask with hoses as above, hood instead of straps

Upon purchase, you will receive the following items; please make sure that all are present. If anything is missing, please contact Psitorm Ikura.

  • Four versions of the gasmask (sixteen if you purchased the big pack)
  • A landmark to the PsiCorp Main Store
  • A notecard for the web manual for this product
  • An update disk - NOTE: This item may not be included!
  • A HUD overlay for first person view

Using the mask

The mask is built to be easily usable and simple in design. It is shipped as a modable product, allowing you to adjust the fit of the entire mask to your needs, And should fit any human head after some slight size adjustments. Please note that your hair may clip the mask, and that there isnt really a way to fix that, short of modding your hair into a version to be worn with the mask. I cant account for all eventualities, but the mask should be easy to fit on any head. Given the amount of customers, please understand that I'm unable to assist in fitting the mask for everyone, so incase you need help, please seek out a friend who may help you with these adjustments.

Accessing the Menu

Unlike other PsiCorp products, the gasmask uses a simple dialog menu rather than a prim HUD. Since the mask´s functions are rather simple, this was thought to be the better and more usable approach. To bring up the menu, click the mask and hold for more than a second, then release, the menu will then show up. Here you can adjust all the mask´s functions, and do smaller color adjustments as well. Below is a brief explanation of the menu's functions, explaining the layout, as well as every function.

  • Main Menu
    • Colors
      • EL Wire - on masks having the wire, lets you pick the EL wire´s color
      • Eyes - lets you set the lense color tint
    • Breath
      • Effect - simple on/off toggle for breath effect
      • Speed - lets you select three different breath speeds
    • Eyes
      • Color - same as the eye selection in color menu, changes lens color
      • Opacity - lets you set the lens transparency in several steps, from full opaque to 10% opaque
      • Shine - lets you adjust the shine; offers matte, low, medium and high

Defining a custom color

The mask allows you to specify a custom color if you so desire, and has a memory slot available for it. If you want to set or change the custom color (by default its set to plain white), please type the following into local chat:

/4299 custom color R G B

Please note: R G and B stand for the red, green and blue values and are specified in a 0-255 range. You may use SL´s built in color picker to obtain the numbers for your desired color.

Using the first person overlay

This is something for those who desire a little more realism. The first person overlay is a HUD object which will become visible once you enter mouselook mode, and will simulate the restricted view from inside the mask. The lenses will color tint to match your current selection on the mask (for this to work, please wear the HUD overlay while picking the lens color), and the entire HUD can be adjusted to best fit your screen size. To use the overlay, simply right-click it and select "wear" from the context menu. If the overlay doesn't show up when entering mouselook, try taking it off and wearing again. This may be an issue related to how scripts work in HUD attachments.

If you want to adjust the size of the HUD, right-click any HUD object on your screen and select "edit". You can then zoom out and will see a white frame showing your screen borders. Below this frame, you will see the black HUD overlay, and can then click it and adjust its size. Alternately, you can rez the HUD inworld and edit it there.

If you want to adjust the opacity of the HUD lenses, rez the HUD on the ground and select the transparent prim behind it. You may then use the prim´s transparency spinner to adjust its opacity to your likings. While doing this, be sure to only have the one prim selected and not change the transparency of the entire HUD.

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