In this document, we lay out which data we collect and how it is used, in compliance with the new, European GDPR laws;

  1. Purchase information: Any purchase made, whether inworld or via the SL marketplace is stored in a Caspervend Database; Caspervend already stated its compliance with the new rulesets, and we ourselves do not collect, nor store any customer information. The data handled by caspevend will include your SL account name, as well as the purchase date, time, location as well as price
  2. Marketplace: Any purchases made by the marketplace is tracked by Linden Lab, with User name, transaction ID, as well as item and transaction amount.
  3. Email notifications: Notifications from marketplace purchases are forwarded to us via email, containing user name, transaction ID, time of purchase, as well as purchase amount. These emails are not stored for more than 24 hours, and are deleted after viewing them, and are solely used to assess sales.
  4. Helpdesk: Any information entered on the helpdesk is stored by Freshdesk in compliance with the GDPR laws, customer tickets are kept for archival purposes but may be removed upon request.