Bits Changelogs

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This page will house the changelogs for all adult products. Here you will be able to check if and when there have been updates to your product, and whether you should update.

April 2015

PsiCorp Fertility HUD

  • Fixed a bug with the fertility pill preventing normal fertility cycles from occurring 

All male bits & herm sets

  • Fixed a bug preventing the autohide function from changing its setting correctly 
  • Unified all manuals, all links now point to the new knowledge base articles 

November 2013

All bits 

  • v5.0 major release. Detailed change notes here 

January 2011

All bits

  • v4.0 major release. Please refer to here for details. 

6th June 2010

Canine Penis

  • Fixed some models not correctly offering alternate texture choices to the HUD 

Avian Penis, Avian Herm Set

  • Initial release 

5th February 2010

Sergal Penis, Sergal Herm Set

  • Fixed condom tip not filling up when cumming/peeing 
  • Herm set now includes tailhole 

11th January 2010

Bat Herm Set, Bat Penis

  • Fixed permissions issue, bits will no longer turn to no-perms after rezing them 

25th December 2009

Anthro Herm Set

  • Added the missing boxes for the Anthro Penis, Vagina and Tailhole 

22nd December 2009

Cervine Penis & Cervine Herm Set

  • Added a fur option matching ITFE's White-Tail Deer Avatars 

18th December 2009

Canine Penis, Canine Herm Set & Vagina

  • Added a fur option matching the PsiCorp Fox Avatars 

Canine Penis, Canine Herm Set

  • Added a black shaft option 

31st October 2009

Bat Penis

  • Initial release 
  • Features the prototype web manua

9th October 2009

Rabbit and Anthro Penis

  • fixed the backward cum/etc effects, they now emit in the correct direction 

All adult products

  • included new store landmark with correct coordinates 

17th March 2009

PsiCorp Tailhol

  • when setting default state to "hide", tailhole will now hide, otherwise default to "closed" 
  • cum/pee drip work now, HUD buttons were sending the wrong command 
PsiCorp Vagina 
  • when setting default state to "hide", vagina will now hide, otherwise default to "closed" 
Dragon bits (herm and male) 
  • Texture on the condom layer for the spines will now colorize properly 
  • Poses now work 

15th March 2009

  • Initial release of the V3.0 series

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