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You've become infested. Whether corrupted by demonic influence, taken as host by a parasite, infused with nanomachines or bonded with a plant growing inside you, you now are more, better. Newfound capabilities, an enhanced body showing clear signs of what happened to you. What you do now is your call, use your new abilities for pleasure, to dominate, or even to spread your gift to others so that they too may share the experience.

Contents of this pack

Each infested box will contain a series of items common to all themes, with slight variation per each theme. These are the things you will find in your box:

  • A set of queen & drone style arm decorations
  • A set of legs
  • A harness for the queen & drone style each
  • An abdomen with twin ovipositors
  • A penis and vagina
  • An full featured pregnancy HUD with avatar controls
  • A set of eyes
  • Various alpha maps to use with the respective attachments
  • A few decorative head items such as horns and crests

Wearing this pack & compatibility

Each infested theme is making heavy use of materials and fitted mesh. As such, you need a viewer which supports these features - and have materials enabled in your preferences - in order to get the full effect.
While the rigged pieces use fitted mesh and will fit almost any shape setting, due to technical limitations within SL, small shape edits may become necessary, but I have worked on minimizing those cases.

Please also keep in mind that this product is built to fit the default SL avatar. Mesh replacers are not officially supported at this time, doing so may not yield satisfactory results and happens at your own risk.

When first attaching parts, you may need to do one or several of the following:

  • Slightly edit your shape to remove small clipping areas, this should not happen often. Remember to make a copy of your shape if you do this, so you can wear it as a separate outfit along with infested pieces.
  • Edit the size of the eyes. The eye replacers come as a standard human-size mesh, if you have an anthro avatar for example, you will want to match the size and rotation of your current eyes for best effect. Since most anthro eyes use different sizes and alignments, this step is necessary.
  • Adjust the size of worn parts. Based on your shape settings, the non-rigged decoration pieces on your limbs, harness etc may not fit ideally yet. Simply select the part in question and scale it up as a whole, and adjust its position until you are satisfied with the result. You generally will not need to edit linked prims to achieve good fit.

Using the HUD

The HUD included is an extended version of the PsiCorp fertility HUD, which features an added Avatar control page, where you may control the tentacles and ovipositor settings at your leisure. Furthermore, it features a unique sexual interaction feature. If you have a consenting sexual partner via the PsiCorp fertility system, your interaction menu in this HUD features an "Infect" button. Pressing this will provide your partner with a set of drone forearms and a drone harness in your currently equipped style (governed by the HUD you are wearing at the moment; they are appropriately named). They can then choose to wear these pieces to show off their newly begun infestation.

Custom texturing

PSD files for all infested styles can be downloaded via the following link:

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