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The PsiCorp Bear avatar is a full mesh avatar designed to reflect the unique body type of anthro bears. As such, it is built to be a large frame with large amounts of both muscle mass and body fat, based on many artworks of bear characters. It uses a full fitted mesh rig to allow full shape customization, allowing easy resizing of almost any body part, as well as adjusting the amount of body fat and other properties easily. Furthermore a larger version of both male and female avatars is included, standing at 150% the size of the default model. Additionally, since the avatar implements its own body type, a series of clothing items have been included, featuring both alternate textures as well as various stages of undress that you may switch between. To further improve on the appearance, dynamic materials are heavily utilized, giving the body more definition.

Please note that to fully enjoy this avatar, you must have a viewer supporting both rigged mesh as well as materials, and you must have your settings configured accordingly.


  • Five different species covering all popular ursine variations
  • Very low script time and memory use to make it very low lag
  • Fitted mesh rig allowing you to extensively customize the avatar's shape
  • Large scale version of both male and female avatar
  • Clothing included, featuring alternate textures and various undressing states
  • Dynamic materials on all pieces for an even more realistic look
  • Poseable fingers, ears, eyes, jaw and tongue
  • Texture files as well as developer kits for rigged attachments are provided

Text based controls
If you wish to create custom scripting, gestures, or simply control the avatar via chat input, here is a list of all available text commands.

/42 tongue normal
/42 tongue poke
/42 tongue side
/42 tongue hang

/42 jaw closed
/42 jaw 5
/42 jaw 10
/42 jaw 15
/42 jaw 20
/42 jaw 25
/42 jaw 30

/42 eyes <0 - 8> - Controls the eye states. 0 stands for open, 8 for closed, any whole number in between is accepted

Hand syntax is based on this formula:
/42 hands <side> <preset or mask>

Side may be either "left", "right" or "both".

Preset may be any of:
  • normal 
  • fist 
  • point 
  • rude 
  • rock 
  • paper 
  • scissors
Example: /42 hands both fist

Alternately, you may provide a mask consisting of 5 numbers, signifying the position of each finger, the first digit controlling the thumb, the last controlling the little finger.
Each digit may either be a 0 for a straight finger, 1 for relaxed, or 2 for curled. As an example, this command would produce the "point" gesture:
/42 hands right 21222

/42eyes <side> dilation <0 - 1 in decimal, so 0.25 or so>
/42eyes <side> fullbright
/42eyes <side> glow
/42eyes <side> <color> - like blue, red, emerald, green, etc
/42eyes <side> color <inner/outer> R G B - here, RGB stands for a number within the 0-255 RGB range

/42ears <perk, side, folded>
/42ears typing - toggle typing anim
/42ears random - toggle random anim
/42ears touch - toggle touch anim

/42 body show - reverts all body alphas and shows the body in full
/42 clothing <face, alpha> - may be used to alpha out parts of the body. Face number 0 to 7 hide/show various parts on the body, face number 8 for the feet. Alpha may be either 1 or 0.

Example: /42 clothing 4, 0, 2, 0

Face numbers:
0 - Chest
1 -Elbow
2 - Upper arm
3 - Wrist
4 - Lower legs
5 - Thighs
6 - Stomach
7 - Hips

Making custom textures & content
If you wish to make custom textures for this avatar, or wish to create clothing or other matching attachments, developer files are provided.
You have permission to use these files to create new texture variations or objects for sale, provided they are created specifically for use with this avatar.
You have permission to use these files to create private modifcations for this avatar.
You do NOT have permission to use these files to duplciate other  versions of this avatar for sale or private use.
You do NOT have permission to use these files to create content unrelated to this avatar.
You do NOT have permission to directly sell the content of these files or claim them as your work.

Texture files may be found here (provided as .PSD and .TGA files):

The rigged mesh bodies may be found here (provided as .FBX format):

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