Avatar Core Nova

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Introduction and overview


Avatar Core Nova represents our latest effort in producing a quality mesh body for the SL market, aiming for it to be both affordable, high quality, and performance friendly.

These mesh bodies fully replace the ones formerly known as "Type A", and replace them with a much higher quality standard. Anyone currently owning a Type A body will be able to update to this new lineup for free.

Feature Overview

  1. Hand-crafted, detailed and efficiently made meshes.
  2. Full fitted rig with great shape slider response.
  3. Fully supports the SL texture layout, as well as the Slink feet texture layout
  4. Out-of-box Omega Applier support. No need to purchase relays or addons.
  5. Androgynous body version available, for petite females, femboys, etc.
  6. Female & Androgynous bodies include full fledged mesh vagina
  7. Nipple overlays for all bodies
  8. Nails can be individually textured
  9. Full tinting support for all layers
  10. Clothing layers are a separate wearable, to reduce complexity and script count when not in use
  11. Bento-rigged hands with custom animations, as well as the option to let bento-capable AOs take over
  12. Female & Androgynous bodies come with regular, high-heel and tiptoe foot option
  13. Double-sized version for macro avatars available
  14. Optional breast addons offering various shapes and sizes, alongside multibreast options
  15. Five tintable skintone options included
  16. Three different body tones included, regular, toned, and curvy
  17. Materials-only application supported, allowing you to use our materials with existing skins

Box Contents

Each of the body boxes should contain the following items:

  • Mesh body
  • Clothing layer wearable
  • Left & right hands
  • Three sets of feet (or one set for male)
  • Three shape options
  • A HUD
  • A customization HUD
  • One manual
  • A store landmark
  • One custom texture applier
  • One Breast physics wearable (female only)
  • Two body alpha wearables
  • Two foot height wearables (female/androgynous only)

Each of the breast boxes should contain the following items:

  • Three sets of breasts
  • Three sets of Macro breasts
  • One manual
  • A store landmark

HUD Usage

Each mesh body will come with two HUDs for ease of use. One of these HUDs will contain the everyday use functions, such as vagina controls, clothing layer visibility, or body alpha. The other is centered around texturing and customizing, allowing you to apply textures, color the nails, or change material parameters for your skin and clothing layers.

Customization HUD

This is likely your first point of contact when setting up your body. From here you can set up your skins and nails, and do a few other adjustments such as tinting. The following pictures will help elaborate on the function of each of the pages.

Texture Page

  1. Skin tone selector. This allows you to pick which skin tone to apply to your body. The tones range from pale to almost black.
  2. Materials selector. This allows you to choose the body tone to use, options are regular, strong, and curvy.
  3. Materials only button. This will apply no textures, only materials. This is useful if you have a third party skin that comes with no materials included.
  4. Apply button. This will apply the chosen skin tone alongside the desired materials.
  5. Nipple selector. This allows you to choose the desired nipple texture of your avatar. Two sets are available, one with faint skin detail, one completely smooth.
  6. Vagina texture selector. On female and androgynous bodies, this allows you to set the texture of the built-in vagina.
  7. Color picker. Under "Tint Target", select which part of the body to color tint, and on the color picker, select your desired color. The four buttons at the bottom allow you to save custom colors via the save icon, and to apply them via the colored preview button next to them. All parts of the mesh body are tintable.

Layers page

  1. Layer selection. This allows you to choose which part of the body to edit. Available are the body layer, all clothing layers, as well as nipples and vagina.
  2. Delete button. Allows you to remove textures from any body or clothing layer. Nipple and vagina are not allowing this action.
  3. Materials sliders. These allow you to change the glossiness of the materials on each layer, as well as setting the glow strength.
  4. Fullbright button. This button allows you to render the nipples or vagina layers as full bright.
  5. Alpha mode selector. This allows you to choose the alpha mode of each layer, use this if you have any problems with clothing layers or if you want to, for example, use a skin with glowing runes which has a fitting alpha channel to support this.

Nails page

  1. Nail texture selection & "All" button. Allows choosing which nail texture to apply via the left/right buttons. Touch the texture preview to apply a texture to a highlighted nail. The "All" button will highlight all nails to allow texturing all nails at the same time, which is also the default setting.
  2. Finger nail preview. This represents the finger nails, and allows you to click each individual nail to highlight it. Only highlighted nails are textured, allowing you to have individual textures on each finger.
  3. Toe nail preview. Functions the same as the finger nail preview, allowing you to select and texture individual toe nails.

Control HUD

This HUD centers around controlling your avatar, containing animation controls for the hands, various clothing layer and body alpha options, as well as the vagina controls on female or androgynous bodies.

Body Page

  1. Hand side selector. This allows you to choose which hand to control, left, right, or both.
  2. Hand animation selector. The left/right button select the active hand animation. The recycling symbol will reset it to the default "Relax" setting, whilst the on/off symbol will enable or disable hand animations. Use this if you use a bento enabled AO and want its animations to show.
  3. Clothing layer visibility. This allows you to hide the inner or outer clothing layers individually. You may hide the entire layer with the eye symbol, or just the upper or lower half individually.
  4. Clothing layer type selection. These buttons allow you to select which textures to display on the inner and outer clothing layer.

Vagina Page

  1. State selection. This allows you to choose which state the vagina should be displayed in. On attaching the body, it always will default to hidden.
  2. Particle effect options. This lets you enable or stop various particle effects.
  3. Texture effect options. These buttons allow you to select one of two texture states, as well as clean them up again, for an optional wet or messy look.

Alpha Page

  1. Alpha face buttons. These allow you to hide and show individual faces on your body, whilst the checkmarks allow you to hide and show groups of faces, such as the upper and lower arms or legs, etc.
  2. Control buttons. These have various functions, listed below:
    1. Nipple type selector. Allows you to choose between no nipples, 3d nipples, or 3d nipples with textured overlay.
    2. Neckblend button. Lets you toggle a neck blender on or off, useful if you have clipping issues at the neck.
    3. Show all button. Renders all faces of the body visible. You may need to re-attach any breast addons after using it.
    4. Export button. Exports the current hidden faces to a string which may be used in gestures or scripts to auto-hide parts of the body.
    5. Refresh addons button. Will check for any worn breast or other supported addons.

Developer resources


You may use these provided assets in order to create personal mods for your own use, as well as PsiCorp related mods to sell for profit. PsiCorp does not require any royalties be paid, but we are happy for any notice given to us so that we may choose to promote this content for you.

You may NOT use these assets to resell them as-is, nor to re-create any products currently being sold by PsiCorp. You are also NOT permitted to use these assets for any commercial work not related to PsiCorp. Any commercial products made using these assets must be treated as explicitly - though not necessarily exclusively - PsiCorp related.

Rigging Devkit

Texture Devkit

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