Classic Dragon

Modified on Fri, 16 Oct 2015 at 01:39 PM


Having been a very popular first avatar release by PsiCorp, the Classic Dragon is a rebirth of the old classic. Due to popular demand, this revamp is being released as an update available for anyone owning the original mode.

Additionally, it is now on sale again at a reduced price. The avatar has been kept in the same state as it was released back in the day, but has been updated in subtle ways to better fit with today's expectations.


As a revamp, the dragon features the following improvements over the original release:

  • A fully rewritten set of scripts to immensely reduce its script memory use
  • The formerly static eyes have been replaced with animated ones as with all new avatars
  • Invisiprims have been removed and replaced with an avatar transparency mask
  • Texture appliers have been included for the female models
  • Male & Female avatars have been merged into the same box

Text Commands
If you wish to make custom gestures to control your avatar or simply use text chat input, the following is a list of all available text commands for this avatar.

/42 jaw closed
/42 jaw grin
/42 jaw half
/42 jaw open

/42 tongue in
/42 tongue out

/42 firebreath
/42 typing - toggles talkjaw on/off

/42 eyes open
/42 eyes half
/42 eyes slit
/42 eyes closed
/42 eyes <preset> - change eye color, where preset may be any of: white, violet, red, pink, orange, olive, light blue, green, emerald, purple, blue, black, yellow

/42 hair color R G B - color specified as RGB value of 0-255 range for each digit
/42 hair texture <preset> - preset hair texture, where <preset> can be any of: white, violet, red, orange, olive, light blue, ice, green, brown, blue, blond, black

/42 wings open
/42 wings closed

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