The PsiCorp Dragon Avatar Kit is a full rebuild of our very first mesh avatar. Built to overcome its many shortcomings, it now utilizes the Avatar Core mesh body system, ensuring a wide availability of clothing and accessory options.

In the process of rebuilding this avatar, we extensively improved the design, and brought the latest technologies into the mix. We now use advanced materials, along with the Bento skeleton system to animate the wings, head, hands and tail. Furthermore, special care was given to making this avatar easy to customize, by also providing the source PSD files to our customers to tweak as they please and create a wide range of styles beyond what we sell on the market.

Included items

Every box should include the following items. If any are found to be missing, please contact customer support.

  • Male & Female versions of the following:
    • Head
    • Tail
    • Left & Right Eye
    • Left & Right Hands
    • Feet
    • Digilegs
    • Wings
    • Tail
    • Shape
  • Avatar HUD
  • Avatar Texture Applier
  • Avatar Alpha Mask
  • Breast Physics
  • Manual Notecard
  • Head Options Guide
  • Extras folder containing the following:
    • Custom Texture Applier
    • Voice Gestures for Talkjaw

A note on the applier

Please note that the included texture applier is intended solely to apply textures to the Avatar Core mesh bodies as well as the included dragon body parts. Attempting to apply to any other parts will yield unpredictable results and is not intended.

Making custom textures

If you wish to create custom textures for this avatar, the appropriate developer files are provided. Furthermore, an easy to use texture applier is included in the extras folder.

You have permission to use these files to create new texture variations for sale, provided they are created specifically for use with this avatar.

You have permission to use these files to create private modifications for this avatar.

You do NOT have permission to use these files to duplicate official variants of this avatar that are currently or have been previously on sale.

You do NOT have permission to use these files to create content unrelated to this avatar.

You do NOT have permission to directly sell the content of these files and / or claim them as your work.

All diffuse maps are provided in this .zip file as PSD files:

Text based controls


/42 tongue normal

/42 tongue poke

/42 tongue out

/42 tongue left

/42 tongue right

/42 jaw closed

/42 jaw part

/42 jaw half

/42 jaw slack

/42 jaw open

/42 talkjaw - toggles the talk jaw animation on/off

/42 mood <expression> - expression may be any of: "neutral", "happy", "angry", "sad"

/42 moodjaw / moodears / moodeyes <expression> - sets the mood of ears, eyes or jaw separately

/42 moodset <jaw> <eyes> <ears> - allows to set different expressions for jaw, eyes &amp; ears in one go, useful for custom expression gestures

/42 horns <straight, long, low, curved>


Hand syntax is based on this formula:

/42 hands <side> <preset or mask>

Side may be either "left", "right" or "both".

Preset may be any of:

  • normal
  • okay
  • fist
  • point
  • rude
  • rock
  • paper
  • scissors

Example: /42 hands both fist

/42 handanim - toggles bento animations on/off


References to side may be either "left", "right", or "both"

/42 eyes <0 - 3> - Controls the eyelids. 0 is open, 3 is fully closed

/42 eyes <side> dilation <0 - 1 in decimal, so 0.25 or so>

/42 eyes <side> fullbright

/42 eyes <side> glow

/42 eyes <side> <color> - color presets, for example blue, red, gold, pearl, green, etc

/42 eyes <side> color <inner/outer> R G B - here, RGB stands for a number within the 0-255 RGB range


/42 tail <normal, raised,  left, right, wag_low, wag_med, wag_high, self, self2, lewd, lewd_sit>


/42 wings <closed, closed_low, sit, hug1, hug2, hug3, spread_low, spread_med, spread_high>