What's New in v5.0

Modified on Sat, 28 Jun 2014 at 06:29 AM

Pregnancy HUD

As a new product, the PsiCorp pregnancy HUD was introduced. It features a wide array of features, and was specifically built around the idea of roleplayers and anthros, and as such, supports every popular gender and is built in a species-neutral way, allowing every species to be configured. It has extensive customization options and is simple to use. Additionally, the basic male functionality comes for free with every regular PsiCorp v5.0 bits HUD.

Mesh Breasts

As new release, a set of four different mesh breasts styles has been released, covering everything from smaller sizes to large ones, as well as a mature one for a more natural look for mature ladies. They are fully compatible with the Lolas Tango applier system as well

Texture Appliers

These appliers are a new and improved way to apply custom textures to all of your PsiCorp bits including breasts, and are compatible with the Lolas Tango applier system. Furthermore, they are set up to be resellable, allowing third party texture makers to sell their creations, or to allow avatar makers to easily include avatar skins for breasts or custom textures for cocks and other bits in their releases.

CCS Bondage API

As a first, PsiCorp bits now offer extensive control access via the CCS API. This allows developers to create master and slave huds, RLV supplements for bondage furniture and other things, and even to engage in pregnancy play related activities such as sperm banks, forced oviposition and other kink related activities. The API is openly documented, please refer to the solutions section for a link to the documentation.

New bits HUD

The v5.0 series bits HUD has been completely rewritten to feature a much lighter architecture, bringing its land impact down to about 10% of its previous value. This results in a prettier and more responsive user experience. Additionally, scaling and HUD-based updating has been included among other convenience features.

Many bugfixes and improvements

Any previous v4.0/v4.1 series bit has been upgraded to the v5.0 script suite and may be updated at no cost through the PsiCorp vendor redelivery system. Many bugfixes have been implemented both for specific products as well as for the scripts as a whole. For a full list of changes, please look here.

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