Chastity Belt

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The chastity belt is a basic item to demo the capabilities of the CCS API, yet a fully functional restraint device.

List of items

Within the box, you should find the following items:

Setup / Usage

To use it, simply wear it and click the belt, which will give you a menu. Control lets you take control of any attached bits, or if you have an owner set, exposes these options to said owner.

To add/remove an owner, simply use the respective buttons and pick someone who is currently nearby, within a 10m radius. This will give them permission to control your attached bits, as well as - if you have RLV enabled - lock them and the belt to your avatar, making them non-detachable

 Furthermore they may use the CCS API to lock down control of your bits, making it so you can no longer control them yourself. They may also enforce chastity mode, which disallows use of the fertility HUD interaction functions.

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