The PsiCorp Basic HUD is meant as an inexpensive way to partake in the fertility system provided by the Fertility HUD. As such, it only covers the male half in a basic way, providing the functionality needed to interact with partners without having to commit to a larger purchase. It is in essence the same HUD included in PsiCorp bits boxes, sold by its own.
Its features include:

  • A basic fertility function to cover the male side of the pregnancy system
  • A set of seven erotic couple animations
  • Support to control all PsiCorp bits
  • The ability to redeliver any PsiCorp product you purchased
  • A very low script use, making for a low impact HUD

Using the fertility system

The system itself is straightforward. Simply select the Fertility button from the HUD, and if you have not configured it yet, you will be asked two questions. Your gender - the choices will be limited to those featuring cocks - and your species.

After the setup, you should be presented with a menu, allowing you to redo your setup or more importantly, add people as sexual partners. This is temporary - typically until either party removes the partner or detaches the HUD or logs off - and requires mutual consent. Both parties involved require either the basic HUD or the advanced HUD to partake.

Once your chosen partner accepted your request, you will then be able to interact with them, allowing you to climax within them for a chance to impregnate them.