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The PsiCorp Breasts were created to be an easy to use mesh breasts solution, primarily targeted at users of the SL standard avatar, though they may fit other mesh creations as well. They include both a regular as well as a rigged option (multi breasts available as rigged only because of technical limitations), and now come with pre-installed nipple piercings or tape, easily selectable via the new v6 serise HUD.

Box Contents

After your purchase, the following items should have been inside the box you got from the vendor:

  • Two sets of breasts, one of them rigged
  • Three clothing items for the various layers
  • Two avatar physics items
  • One avatar alpha item
  • A manual
  • A main store landmark
  • A PsiCorp bits HUD
  • A texture applier

Should you find any of these items to be missing after opening the box, please file a customer support ticket and we will address the issue.

Special information regarding multibreasts

If you purchased the PsiCorp Multi Breasts, please be aware that some texture appliers may not work correctly. They only texture the topmost pair of breasts since they make use of a cropped texture, leaving the lower pair(s) textured wrong. If you encounter these issues, you may need to contact the creator of the skin / clothing item to ask for a full upper skin version of the texture (showing front and back torso and arms) or get hold of it in other ways.

Any other PsiCorp breasts will respond fine to both types of appliers.

Text commands

While the breasts can be controlled exclusively through the HUD, here is a list of supported text commands for use in gestures and other applications.

/5 breasts clothes <optional clothing name>

Toggles the clothes layer. if you add a clothing set name, it will also switch to this set of clothes
/5 breasts bra <optional bra name>
Same as above, except for bra layer
/5 breasts nude
Removes all clothing layers and displays nude breasts

/5 breasts cumcover

Toggles the visibility of the cumcover effect

/5 breasts clean

Removes the cumcover effect
/5 breasts milk
Toggles a milk drip particle effect
/5 breasts nipples
Toggles the nipples between normal and puffy look
/5 breasts texture <part name> <type>
Can be used to swap nipple and skin textures instead of the settings texture picker
/5 breasts scale <float>

Can be used to modify the scale of the breasts. Accepts values like 0.1, -0.2, 0.5 etc. NOTE: This function does not work on rigged models

/5 breasts color <part name> R G B
Can be used to recolor parts of the breasts. Part name may be breasts, top, bra or nipples, R, G and B need to be in the 0-255 range
/5 breasts shiny <part name> <R,G,B> <shiny> <environ> Can be used to change the shininess of specified parts. RGB needs to be within the 0-255 range, as well as shiny and environment

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