Fertility HUD

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Fertility HUD


Once you click the fertility setting in the HUD, you will be presented with the option to set up the HUD. You can choose to load previously backed up settings, or of course, to enter you own. Generally you will be able to enter details such as your gender and species, and able to enter custom data as well. The options should be self explanatory, but a few things will be explained below.

Cycle details
When asked about the cycle length, keep in mind that this is your total cycle, so fertile plus infertile phase. In the step afterward, you are able to specify how long your fertile phase is. So if you enter a cycle length of one month and a fertile phase length of a week, that means you will have an infertile phase of three weeks. These times have about a 10% random modifier each cycle, rather than being accurate to the second.

Incubation time 
This determines the length of time from a successful insemination until giving birth. This also determines the length of time until a pregnancy can be determined. Also, incubation time is subject to a +-10% variation.

Multiple pregnancies 
This is a yes/no choice on whether you are able to become pregnant another time while you already are pregnant. Each pregnancy past the first gets a diminishing chance of a successful insemination. If you have this selected and have intercourse with multiple partners before the pregnancy chance is determined, the system will continue to process the list of partners even when one pregnancy has already been determined, as opposed to the default, where once a pregnancy has been determined, no further chance calculations are made.

Knot/Flare/Barbs settings
When asked for these cock preferences, check what applies. Each setting adds a small bonus chance to your fertility rating

Induced ovulation
This determines climax induced ovulation, a property some species have. If you checked yes on this, the first climax during your fertile phase will count as induced ovulation, and you will have a bonus pregnancy chance for the subsequent pregnancy chance calculation


Once you have completed the setup, your HUD is ready to interact with other people. For this, your desired partner either needs a fertility HUD as well, or, if they are playing the male part, a regular PsiCorp bits HUD of version 5.0 and higher. The HUD needs to be configured as well, obviously. Once these requirements are met, simply open the menu and choose "Add Partner" and select the desired person(s) to send them a request. Their HUD will alert them of your request which they may choose to accept or decline. When a partner has accepted, you may interact with them, and have access to the cum inside, female climax etc options etc.

Things of note:

  • The "Check area", "Add Partner" etc radius is normal chat range, so a 20 meter radius around you. This should cover everything except large clubs
  • There is currently no automatic notification when a HUD wearer comes in range. Since I expect the v5.0 HUDs to become widely used, I want to avoid message spam, even if on high channels
  • Upon detach/re-attach, any partners are cleared. This is to avoid stale partners from previous sessions being listed in a one-sided fashion, since interactions would not work. The system is based on mutual consent
  • Due to the mutual consent, if you climax within someone, the target person's HUD will notify you of the successful act rather than your own. This means that if a message occurs, it was successfully triggered
  • The "cum" and "cum inside" buttons in the penis menu are not triggering any partner interactions. This is to support penises of other makers (aka only HUD to HUD matters) and since with multiple partners, you could not decide who to target


After being climaxed in by a male/herm/etc, a certain amount of time passes until a pregnancy is determined. If you have additional partners during that time, their seed will also be considered as possible father - or in case of multi pregnancy - will be considered for additional pregnancies. Once an insemination attempt was successful, you'll be able to run a pregnancy or paternity test after a certain period of time has passed. The length of this period depends on the length of your incubation time, but is roughly about 10% of said time. So an incubation time of 10 days would require a one day wait until the tests would show any results.

Once the incubation time is over, you will be notified of birth, and your regular fertility cycle will be started up again. If you have multiple pregnancies enabled, your pregnancy chances are slightly diminished during your pregnant phase.

Time acceleration

The HUD features a time acceleration feature, should you want to speed up events, such as upcoming births or fertility cycle changes. You can set a variety of factors, ranging from 1x, 5 or 10x all the way to 1000x accelerated time. This will cause the HUD to assume time passes X times faster for it, however only while you are both logged on and wearing the HUD. If you check your cycle dates during acceleration, you will be informed that time acceleration is currently active, and any dates/times given will have taken it into consideration. As you change or disable acceleration, the estimates will adjust to reflect this. Thus you will always know when your next cycle begins if you keep your current acceleration going and your HUD attached. While the HUD is not worn or you are logged out, acceleration will always be disabled, so normal time passes, but will resume once you re-attach or log in.


The medication options give you control over your fertile behavior, should you wish to induce phases during certain dates. Taking a fertility pill will force your cycle to shift, so your fertile phase begins immediately after taking it. Likewise, the contraceptive will suppress your current fertile cycle, until the next cycle phase change. The spermicide is a short term solution, it lasts for about 1.5 hours and you will be notified when its effects have worn off.

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