General Guidelines

The general guidelines to linking are as follows:
  • When linking any PsiCorp bits together, other than two or more penises, no other actions need to be taken
  • The PsiCorp penises do not require to occupy the root prim anymore
  • When linking two or more PsiCorp penises, special conditions apply, please read the tutorial on making multi-cocks.
  • PsiCorp bits can be linked to prim bodies or other objects without breaking
  • When linking PsiCorp penises, one of it's moving parts may not be the root prim, i.e. the shaft or sheath. This will cause errors.

How to link prims

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This tutorial explain how to copy and link prims :

  1. Select a prim shape from the graphic selections and click the wand where you want to create the prim. The menubox will switch to edit and the axis markers are visible.
  2. To link the prims, hold down the Shift key and select one prim.
  3. While still holding down the Shift key, click on the second prim.
  4. Press [Ctrl + L] or click Link in the Edit interface. You now have linked objects.

You can give the linked set it's own name, copy, move it, or take it into inventory.

A Torley's video is also available :