[v6.0] How can I change the texture of my bits?

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General Information

If you wish to customize the looks of your v6.0 bits beyond what is offered by default, you can use the PsiCorp texture applier included in all bits boxes. It allows you to easily apply custom textures, and even lets you set it up for transfering it to other people, allowing you to market any texture mods you make, or include them if, for example, you create clothing and wish to provide appliers for mesh breasts.

The breasts applier portion is compatible with the Lolas applier system, meaning it can both receive parts from Lolas appliers, as well as apply to Lolas compatible products made by third parties.

Getting started

First, you will need to wear the product of choice, and have an applier rezed on the ground. For this, you have to be somewhere with rez permissions, such as a sandbox or your home.

Next, you'll need the texture you want to put on your product, and there are several different sources, depending on which product you wish to edit.

For breasts, you'll want the upper skin texture of your body texture, which some creators may give out on request, if appliers aren't already provided. If you're unable to obtain it, there are third party tools, which however can't be discussed in this manual. Use these at your own risk. Also please note that yes, you absolutely do need to procure the texture, there sadly is no way for the applier to automatically copy over your body texture and apply it to itself. While the concept is awesome, SL does not allow this.

Also please keep in mind that if you are using a mesh avatar, the texture layout may differ from that of the standard SL body. In this case, your breast texture may require custom offsets & repeats settings, or may not work at all.

Ideally, you may want to rez a copy of your breasts and apply the texture by hand, then using the repeats and offsets sliders to dial in settings that make it fit well, then write them down so you can input them into the applier later on, since these settings are not remembered when input via the edit menu.

For other bits, like a penis or vagina, the appropriate manual on this page contains a download link for a series of PSD files, which you can edit with Photoshop or GIMP, the latter being free, the former offering an "Essentials" version, which should be available for free as well. Please note that for the vagina flesh textures, you will need 3 textures. One clean, one with the wet effects, and one with the creampie effects. The applier will as for them in that order as you set up, so be sure to have them uploaded and on hand.

Configuring the applier

Once you have the textures you want, touch the applier and select the bits you wish to apply textures to. You will be presented with the option of whether to add more textures, clear, or sometimes replace.

Add will simply allow you to add more texture data to the applier, in case you wish to, for example, texture both the sheath and the shaft of a penis. Replace will replace texture information, and clear will remove it from the applier's memory.

Next, select the part you wish to texture. You will then be prompted to provide the UUID - a unique, 36 digit key - to a little message box. To obtain it, right click the texture in your inventory and select "Copy asset UUID". Then simply paste it into the message box and hit ok. If you did everything right, it will advance to the next step.

With the penises, generally you should now be finished.

When texturing the vagina, you will be prompted to provide the wet and creampie effects afterward.

With the breasts, you will have further options. First, you will be asked whether you wish to provide custom offsets & repeats. If you are using a standard SL skin texture, you do not need to do so, and may press "No". If you are using a texture that does not match the standard layout, you may want to provide custom texture offsets.

Afterward, you get the option to provide material data. Generally you can always skip this, but if you wish to match your breasts to an avatar that features materials, you can use this function to provide a normal map, specular map, as well as specular parameters. If you do not know what these are, it is best to skip this step.

NOTE: Material data is NOT part of the Lolas applier system, but is specific to PsiCorp breasts. So this part will not be working on your Lolas breasts or other Lolas only products.

Using materials on the penis

When customizing your penis, as of applier version 6.0.3 you have the option to apply custom material data (normal/specular maps, specular parameters). To do so, simply choose the "Materials" option when navigating the shaft/sheath menus, and follow the provided instructions. Please be aware that you will be prompted to supply a normal map, specular map, specular color, as well as a shininess and environment reflection value, so have these ready.

NOTE: To get custom materials to show up, you also need a custom texture loaded for the same part, else these will not show up.

Applying textures

Afterward, the applier is set up. You may access the menu again at this point and select "Apply Textures". Simply choose the set up product(s) to apply the texture to, and all worn products of the appropriate type (penis, vagina, etc) will receive their custom textures.

NOTE: If your application failed the first time around and you wish to retry, you will need to remove custom textures stored inside the bits. For this, use the following commands:

  • /5 clearcustomtex
  • /5 clearcustommats
  • /5 vag clearcustomtex
  • /5 tail clearcustomtex

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