[v6.0] How can I create my own condom or cum-cover type prims?

Modified on Mon, 01 Aug 2016 at 04:32 PM

If you do extensive modding to your penis, you might feel the need to create custom cum effects, or extend the condom function to other, newly added prims. This tutorial will explain what you need to get started, and how to set things up the right way for all this to work.

What do you need for this?

  • A place to build at
  • Your bits
  • Optionally a set of textures you want to use for the effects
  • An understanding of prim tags, please see the tutorial regarding these
  • Some basic understanding in how to manipulate prims

How to start out? 

  1. First of all, rez your bits on the ground
  2. Put them into the state you want to start out in.

Now, there are two ways to continue. 

Either you already have the prims you want to use for your setup, or we have to create them first. If you want to add prims which are things like cum strings etc, then you may simply link these up and set them up like any other prim. If you want to rather use prims that function as an envelope (think the default condom/cumcover prims on the bits), then de-link the prims you want to create envelopes for, and duplicate them. Then, put a transparent texture on them and adjust them, so that they act like a thin envelope around the prims. Watch out for clipping, sometimes it can be hard to avoid.

With the prims set up, you will need to tag them the right way, since internally, texture effects are handled via a tag system. If you want to have a prim which switches textures depending on effect, much like the original PsiCorp parts do, then tag your prims as "effect". If you rather want them to only play a single effect, such as, prims which only have a cum effect on them, simply tag them as either "cumcover", "lovejuice", "condom" or "condomjuice". If you only need them to do a single effect, you will not need to define custom textures for them, the ones currently on the prims will be left in place and can be replaced at any time.

If you want to set up custom textures for the effect layers, such as for prims which do multiple effects, please read the instructions for defining custom textures.

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