[v5.0] How can I change the texture of my penis?

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Getting Started

Starting with the v5.0 series, custom textures are handled via scripted appliers, which enable safe reselling of custom textures as well as easy trading of texture setups. While using these, here are a few general things to take note of.

  • First of all, you need to rez an applier copy in world to set it up
  • Appliers only operate on worn bits
  • Appliers operate on all worn bits of a compatible type, so for example all penises being worn currently, keep that in mind
  • You are allowed to transfer/sell the appliers if you make custom textures
  • Textures should automatically show up once the applier has been clicked. If not, toggle through states and they should update
  • You may change the name and description of the applier. When the texture config script is saved, the hovertext will update to reflect these changes
  • Custom textures are loaded on top of default textures
  • If you want to remove custom textures - recommended when changing the applier configuration to ensure changes show up - enter "/5 clearcustomtex" into chat

Sculpt based penises

Sculpt based penises are still among the most common products, and simple to texture. Generally, they only have one prim for each part, so you will find "sheath" and "shaft" only once. Below are examples on how to change the texture on sculpt penises.

Example: Applying a custom texture to a single prim


lData = ["shaft", 0, "UUID1"];

Example: Applying several textures for different states (using the "short" state as example)


lData = ["shaft", 0, "UUID1", "short", 0, "UUID2"];

Example: Applying textures to more than one prim


lData = ["shaft", 0, "UUID1", "sheath", 0, "UUID2"];

Mesh based penises

All newer products generally feature a mesh based shaft, and in recent versions, often a mesh based sheath as well. Identifying these is easy, simply select the shaft prim, and if it is called "shaft_hard" or similar rather than simply "shaft", you are dealing with mesh. The same goes for the sheath prims. Texturing these cocks is slightly different, since you need to specify a texture for each variation of "shaft_*" in the applier. However you can simply chain those definitions together, as shown i the examples below.

Example: Applying textures to a mesh shaft


lData = ["shaft_soft", 0, "UUID1", "shaft_poke", 0, "UUID1", "shaft_limp", 0, "UUID1", "shaft_hard", 0, "UUID1", etc];

Example: Applying textures to a mesh sheath


lData = ["sheath_soft", 0, "UUID1", "sheath_tip", 0, "UUID1", "sheath_poke", 0, "UUID1", "sheath_hard", 0, "UUID1"];

Example: Applying textures to multiple sides of the same prim (only relevant on mesh products)


lData = ["shaft", 0, "UUID1", "shaft", 1, "UUID2"];

Duplicating textures

If you have a prim you wish to duplicate texture wise, like matching a custom shaft to an existing one, you can use the below procedure.

Example: Duplicating texture settings from a stock prim


lData = ["custom_prim", 0, "shaft"];

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