[v5.0] How can I backup and restore my mods?

Modified on Mon, 01 Aug 2016 at 04:33 PM

Creating a backup

If you have done heavy mods to your penis or want to transfer modding to another set of bits, you may want to use the email backup function. This will allow you to obtain an encrypted set of data which you can load back into other PsiCorp bits - as long as it is the same species and prim configuration.

To backup the data, simply type "/5 backup <your email address>" into chat, and the penis will begin sending out a set of emails. Since SL only allows a certain, limited amount of data to be sent each mail, expect several mails, as well as - due to email throttling - several minutes of wait time. You will be notified once the last email has been sent.

What you will receive is a set of numbered emails, each containing a text block of what appears to be random letters and numbers. These blocks contain the prim position, rotation and size information of your penis, in an encrypted form.

Loading a backup

To load data from a backup, the PsiCorp texture applier is needed. Set one on the ground, and edit it. Inside, you will find a script labeled "Texture Config", which you have to open.

At the top, you will find two variables, one labeled "sMode", the other "lData". sMode defaults to "PENIS_TEXTURE", but for our backup, we need to replace it with "PENIS_PRIM".

With that changed, clear out lData, so that you see this:
list lData = [];

Afterward, open the first email you received, and paste it within the square brackets, and add a comma afterward. Repeat this for every email you receive, pasting it after the next entry and separating them with a comma. Once you reach the last entry, make sure there is NO comma between it and the closing bracket, else the script will throw an error when you try and press save.

After you hit save and verified there were no errors, all that needs doing is wearing the bits you want to load the backup into and clicking the applier

Handling added prims

If you have added prims to the penis you pulled the backup from, ensure that the penis you want to load the backup into has the same configuration of prims. So if you added a prim called "piercing", first add a prim with the same name to the new penis as well, else these prims will not be represented after loading the backup.

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