[v6.0] How can I add a piercing / prim to my penis?

Modified on Mon, 01 Aug 2016 at 04:30 PM

So lets say you have your bits all set up, but what you really want on it is a piercing or two, or some other means of decoration. This Tutorial will show you how to add prims to the penis and have them work along with the different states.

First, you will want to find a place where you can build, so you can rez your bits on the ground, along with the piercings. Once you have done that, place your stuff down, and set the penis to the state you want to start out in. For our example, we will assume a single piercing prim, but the steps are applicable for multple prims as well.

The first thing we need to do is name the prims correctly. So select your piercing prim, and edit it. For the name, pick something unique, such as "piercing" for our example. The next thing we need to know for the name is the so called identifier. For all PsiCorp penises, this will be "!penis". The identifier simply tells the penis that this prim is controlled by it, rather than, say, the vagina or tailhole. So for our example, we would name the prim something like this:

!penis, piercing

With the naming complete, move the piercing so it sits where you want on the penis. With it selected, hold shift and select the penis, so both are highlighted. Hit Ctrl + L, and the objects have been linked.

Now, its time to set the prim up, aka tell the penis there is a new prim you want it to control. For this, we will use the "addprim" command. It takes the prim´s name without the identifier, so for our example, you would use this:

/5 addprim piercing

Afterwards, you will see in chat that the prim has been added to the penis, and also saved to its current position for the state the penis is currently in. This means if you were to change to a different state now, the piercing would hide, and return to the previous position when you go back into the state you just added the prim in.

Next, you will probably want to make it visible in a few additional states. For this, you will use the "enablepose" command. Again, it needs the prim name without the identifier part, and you may either use a single state name, a list of state names, or simply "all". If you need to know what state names your penis has, look at the manual for the species you are modding. So in our example, lets enable the piercing prim for "poke" and "hard":

/5 enablepose piercing poke hard

Now, for the final steps, the newly enabled poses need to be defined, aka the penis needs to know where you will want the piercing to be positioned at. So switch to, say, "poke" on the HUD, and drag the piercing prim to where you want it to be at. Then, either hit the "save mods" button on the HUD´s settings page, or use this command:

/5 save mods

Repeat this step for all the poses you have enabled your prim in, so they all have their position defined, and you are done! If you want to add more than one prim at a time, simply repeat the "addprim" and "enablepose" steps for each prim, then go through the last step as usual, moving them into position, then saving them. The "save mods" command updates the positions of all visible prims, so you may save all changes per state in one go.

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