This section talks about a few problems that may sometimes be encountered, and what to do if there is a workaround.

Problem: Coloring the condom colors the cum layer as well

Solution: This is a display glitch caused by coloring a texture effect (condom, cumcover, etc) while having a different one showing on the cock. Cycling the texture effects will display them in their correct colors again, including the customized ones.

Problem: I am using my update disc and despite status messages, nothing happens.

Solution: The update disc system has been discontinued; however your purchases are still recorded in a new system. To access it, please visit one of my vendors and use its redelivery button. From version 5.0 onward, your bits and avatar HUDs also feature a redelivery access button.

Problem: There is a sergal jesus on my penis' texture

Solution: You touched the texture applier, this is a default texture it applies as a tester when clicked. To remove it, type /5clearcustomtex into chat

Problem: I can't remove the balls on my bits

Solution: You need to put the bits on the ground in order to edit them. Be sure to only have the balls selected when pressing "unlink". Alternatively, you may type /5addtag balls balls into chat, this will only make the balls show up if you, for example, type /5hard.balls instead of /5hard