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The PsiCorp Vagina is modeled after a mix of real world images of the human sex, and a study of various pieces of drawn art, in order to find a blend most suited for avatars. It employs a different prim handling system for ease of use, and has a wide range of particle effects as well as several texture effects.

List of Features

  • Three different poses, closed, aroused and gaping
  • A wide range of hues and colors available to cover all possibilities, as well as the option to download PSD files for further customization
  • Pre-Rendered textures
  • A new, unified HUD, will control all genitals without a need to exchange it
  • Hides completely from view, no invisi-prim cutting away your avatar when hidden
  • Full support to link herm bits together. Supports all PsiCorp products, may support linking of other products without guarantee

List of Items

After your purchase, the following items should have been inside the box you got from the vendor:

  • The Vagina itself, one for the stomach attach slot, one for pelvis
  • A Manual, and a Modding Manual
  • A notecard called "Settings" - this is for backup purposes
  • An "Update Disc" - read the appropriate section on how to use it
  • A HUD


This section covers all about using the various controls available for this vagina, and explains the use of the HUD, as well as the various text commands which are available for those who prefer

Text Commands

State Commands

/5vag hide Sets the vagina to hidden
/5vag closed Sets the vagina to its closed state
/5vag aroused Sets the aroused state, with inner folds more clearly visible
/5vag gape Sets a gaping state, showing it wide open as during penetration

General Commands

Effects & Help

  • /5vag cum, /5vag pre, /5vag pee
    Triggers the respective particle effects. They can be used in any state, and are toggle on/off, so just type in the same effect again if you want them to cease. Cum and Pee effects will decay when stopped
  • /5vag dcum
    Triggers a slow cum drip from the vagina, to simulate internal ejaculation
  • /5vag femjuice, /5vag creampie, /5vag clean
    Texture effects. Femjuice will make the folds appear moist, creampie is a layer of cum, and clean removes these effects again.

Texturing & Colors

  • /5vag texture <part name> <texture set>
    Lets you choose a texture set for the different parts, please see the texturing help section for usage
  • /5vag color <part name> <color>
    Lets you set the color tint for the specified part name. Info about use can be found in the section below

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