Sergal Vagina

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General Information


The PsiCorp Sergal vagina has been modeled after Trancy Mick's official designs, having received a major facelift with the v6 series release along with the sergal penis. It comes with an easy to fit build, which minimizes avatar clipping issues, making it easy to wear on mesh based avatars, also providing a wealth of features.

List of Features

  • Six poses, ranging from a smooth mound to a full on gaping pose, all with various clitoral hood stances
  • A large array of textures, covering a wide range of colors and styles
  • Full material based shading, creating a realistic shine, and juicy looking wet/cum effects
  • An all-new HUD, designed to be easy to use while taking up little space when closed
  • Optional pre-installed piercings that can be customized and toggled individually

Box Contents

After your purchase, the following items should have been inside the box you got from the vendor:

  • The product itself in two versions: regular and pierced
  • PsiCorp Bits HUD
  • Manual notecard
  • Main store landmark
  • Texture applier

Should you find any of these items to be missing after opening the box, please file a customer support ticket and we will address the issue.

How to update your product

To update, simply visit any in-world vendor or redelivery terminal and touch it, this will present you with access to the CasperVend redelivery site, where every purchase you have made from us is listed.

If, for any reason, one or more products are missing, please file a support ticket here on, and provide the product names, along with your SL name, and a snapshot of each missing item with the edit window open on it, so that we may verify the creator name and your product ownership. We will then add the missing item(s) to your account as soon as possible :)

Product Controls

Here we talk about the various means to control your product, whether via the HUD or through text commands


Included with your purchase will be a basic PsiCorp Bits HUD. It will auto-detect any worn PsiCorp bits and display them on its main menu. You only ever need to wear one bits HUD at a time, and it is recommended to always use the latest HUD version available to you.

NOTE: The HUD included with all purchases is a basic hud. It comes with male-only fertility options. If you wish to engage in pregnancy play, please purchase the full Fertility HUD, which is only sold separately, due to its wide range of features and complex pregnancy scripting.

NOTE: While the poseball rezing mechanisms have spam prevention, we are not responsible for any abuse of this system. Please be respectful and do not attempt to use the sex poses in inappropriate places. We take no responsibility for any consequences resulting from mis-use of the poseball system.

Text Commands

State Controls

These states change the appearance of the vagina, changing it into various states of arousal or exposure.

/5vag hide Hides the vagina entirely from view
/5vag closed Displays the closed vagina with the hood tucked into the labia
/5vag aroused.dangle Shows the aroused labia with a dangling clitoral hood
/5vag aroused.belly Shows the aroused labia with the hood curled up toward the stomach
/5vag gape.dangle Shows the vagina spread wide open with a dangling hood
/5vag gape.coil Shows the vagina spread wide open with the hood coiled as if to grip a penetrating shaft
/5vag gape.belly

Shows the vagina spread wide open with the hood curled toward the stomach


All particle effects are toggle-able, meaning that you can turn the effect on and off via the same command.

/5vag cum Triggers a squirting cum effect
/5vag pee Triggers a constant stream of pee
/5vag pre Triggers a slow, steady drip of precum
/5vag dcum Triggers a cum drip from within the vagina, to simulate post-sex cum dripping
/5vag dpee Triggers a pee drip from inside the vagina, to simulate having been urinated in
/5vag clean Clears away any current texture effects
/5vag femjuice Shows a glossy wetness layer on the labia and inside the vagina
/5vag creampie Shows a glossy cum covering on the vagina


These are miscellaneous commands that don't fit elsewhere.

/5vag throb

Toggles an animated throbbing effect on and off

/5vag throb strength <5 - 30>

Controls the strength of the throbbing effect, may be anywhere from 5 to 30

/5vag autohide <hide, soft, none>

Controls the default appearance of the vagina upon being attached, either hidden, closed, or disabled

/5vag intensity <0.1 - 1.0>

Controls the strength and size of the particle effects, may be used while effects are playing


If you want to set your vagina to precisely specified colors, you are able to use text commands.

For these, you need to specify which part you wish to color (flesh or fur) and which color. The color must be specified as an RGB value, consisting of 3 digits, each ranging from 0 to 255.

The color can be read from the SL color picker, or any other color picker source. Below is an example of the color function being used to tint the flesh:

/5 vag color flesh 128 255 32


With all v6 bits, the vaginas & tailhole have a unified range of colors available to them to cover most of the color spectrum, since the cum & wetness effects are included on the textures, rather than being a separate layer as with the penises. Textures may be changed via the "/5 vag texture" command, followed by either "flesh" or "fur", and lastly by a name of the texture set, for example:


/5 vag texture flesh medium


Available texture sets are:


  • medium
  • light
  • dark
  • grey
  • black
  • blue
  • lightblue
  • green
  • red
  • yellow
  • latex


  • smooth
  • skin
  • fur
  • latexfur

Custom textures

With the included texture applier, you may freely add custom textures to your bits. For that, simply rez and click the applier, and you will be presented with a menu that allows you to configure custom textures for any existing PsiCorp bits. See the link below for PSD files of the textures used in this product, which you may freely edit for your personal mods or market them to other people, provided you give credit and do not attempt to re-sell the original files themselves. For the vagina & tailhole, please be aware that the applier will request both the clean texture as well as the cumcover, and where applicable, lovejuice versions of the texture, so be sure to have all two or three uploaded when getting ready to apply them.

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