If you are looking to make a double or even multi-cock, this tutorial will tell you how to. The things you need are as follows:

  • A posing stand (can be found for free on the SL marketplace or from many other sources)
  • A place to rez your bits at, such as a sandbox
  • Obviously, a psicorp penis or herm set

Once you set down the posing stand in a suitable place, hop on it. Youll want to rez as many cocks as you want to link together later onto the ground infront of you, or, if you want to add them to a herm set, rez your herm set along with the desired number of extra cocks.

The first step that needs doing is called re-tagging. Every penis has an identifier in it's prim names, so if you look at it, youll find prims like "!penis, shaft" or "!penis, sheath". This is for internal reasons, and tells the bits that these are the prims it has to deal with. To avoid confusion between the scripts, we will now change this identifier for the other penises.

Right-click the first additional shaft, and select "edit". You will see two fields, one with the name, and another which should simply say "penis". This is the identifier. Change it to a different word, such as "multi1" or similar. Do this for any further bits as well, if you add more. Make sure every one of them has its unique identifier in the description field. (note: the first penis doesnt need changing. Its enough that there are no two same identifiers going around)

Once this step is completed, type "/5 retag" into chat. This will apply this new identifier to the respective parts, so every penis has now prims using it´s own unique identifier. This allows us to move to the next step.

On the posing stand, line the first penis (or your herm set) up to your body, so it fits right. Then, take the next one and align it so it ends up where you want it. Feel free to go through the different states (from soft to hard etc) to see how it will look. Once you are satisfied and have all parts lined up the way you want, select them all, preferably with the original penis or herm set being selected last, and hit Shift + L.

Now you should end up with a linked up object with all the bits in it, which you can pick up and wear. If you need to make further adjustments, read the tutorial regarding editing specific parts.