[v5.0] How can I use custom or existing sculpts for my mods?

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When you're looking at more heavily customizing your penis, the question of custom sculpt maps might arise. This tutorial will explain how to use custom sculpts, or how to use the sculpts that another prim is using. Note that you only need this procedure if you actually want to have the sculpts change. If you have a prim which never changes it´s sculptmap, you do not need this.

Modding sculpts is very similar to modding textures. You will want to create a notecard with a brief name, then open it up and start editing. First, you will want to put "PLAINTEXT" into the first line (sans quotation marks), followed by "SCULPT". This will tell the scripts two things. First, the notecard isnt encrypted. Second, anything below "SCULPT" gets treated as sculptmap information.

Next, in a new line, write the name of the prim you want to change the sculpts of, for an example, lets assume it is "sheath". Afterward, seperated by comma, put a UUID down for every state (this does include the "hide" state) you want there to be a sculpt, else but a "0". This means that if you have 8 states + hide, you will need to put down 9 values. So for example, the line could look like this:

sheath, 0, 0, UUID, UUID, UUID, UUID, 0, 0, 0

If the line gets longer than about 250 characters however, SL has trouble reading the data and will make mistakes. If the entry becomes too long, simply continue in a new line, starting with a + sign seperated by a whitespace.

Also, if you rather want to just copy the sculpts from a different set, simply put just the name of the prim you want to copy from. You can only copy the complete behaviour of a prim, rather than selectively only do a few states, due to certain limitations in scripting. This would result in a line like this:

sheath, <prim you want to copy from>

Finally, once your notecard is set up, use the following command to have the bits read the contents and display the changes once you change states:

/5 customtex <notecard name>

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