[v6.0] How can I add quick-access buttons to the HUD for tagged poses?

Modified on Mon, 01 Aug 2016 at 10:34 AM

If you are an active modder, and you work a lot with tags, or if you just want to pull a few fancy tricks by passing on other commands on chat channel 5, you might not always want to type out things like "/5 hard.knot.barbed.something". For this, the PsiCorp penis supports so-called quick poses. These are poses which will enable a button on the HUD, but wont modify the bit´s data structures at all. They are, by definition, a hotkey function which can save you a lot of typing in certain circumstances.

To use these quick poses, simply use "/5 addquickpose <pose name>" and youre done. The next time you attach the penis or the HUD (or hit the request all or request attached buttons), a new, blank button will show up in the penis menu, which will trigger the command you entered earlier, and broadcast it via channel 5.

If you want to remove one of these poses again, maybe because you did some editing and no longer need it, you may use "/5 deletequickpose <pose name>".

The one downside is that the HUD buttons have limited space, thus there is no hovertext for custom buttons, but they rather remain blank. Thus this system isn't designed for excessive use, but offers some utility to the more advanced modders.

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